Board of Directors


Renee Henson, President 

Bobby Boyakin

Vice President

Gina Stafford,


Dr. Debbie Faubus-Kendrick

Dr. Kerry Schneider

Steven Peer

Audra Tedford


Head Start Child and Family Services, Inc.


Policy Council 

  The Head Start Policy Council is composed of eleven (11) members, eight (8) of which are parents

  of currently enrolled Head Start or Early Head Start

  children, and three (3) of which are community

  representatives  who have demonstrated an interest in

  services provided to low income families.

  The Policy Council has general responsibility for the

  operation of the program in conducting program self

  assessments, approval/ disapproval before major

  decisions are finalized or action taken, and establishing

  a method of hearing and resolving complaints about the

  Head Start or Early Head Start program.

Administrative Staff

  Heather Johnson                                        Executive Director

  Callie Kimes                                        Education Coordinator

 Michele Luu                                                HS Teacher Mentor

  Maryhelen Rodriguez                             EHS Teacher Mentor

  Selma Mattox, PHR, SHRM-CP          Human Resources Mgr.

   Molly Klim                                                           Fiscal Officer

   Wendi Bradley                                            ERSEA Specialist

   Sharon Turner                   Family Engagement Coordinator

   Damaris Ramirez                               Secretary/Receptionist

   Rosemary Benitez     Family Engagement/ PM Coordinator 

   Monica Miller, R.N.                  Health/Nutrition  Coordinator

   Brandy Olivares                      Special Services Coordinator

   Ellie Wanes                                       Family Services Worker